WOW Support Members

WOW Support Members

By Connie Weihert

As always after a ride, I spend my ride home reflecting on the memories of the ride. After spending the weekend up in north Wisconsin with 18 riders from two chapters which included four support members, my reflections led me to write this article.

In my work place, we have a department called support. They are responsible for anything that will help our product get to our customers in great quality, on time and just the way the customer likes it. These employees will do anything that is asked of them from delivering from one department to the other, to sweeping the floors or cleaning the bathrooms. They rarely complain, and they are always willing to help. Some drive forklifts, some drive 18 wheelers, some use carts to get things moved and taken care of. They just help with whatever is needed.

In a lot of ways this reminded me of our WOW support members. In my three years of riding with WOW, I have heard stories about support members of the past years. I have been on rides with support members along for the fun of it. And this past weekend, we felt fortunate to have four of our own support members join us for our weekend ride. Just like the support department in my work place, support members help with whatever is needed. They can be the mechanics, the bike rescuers, fetchers of food and drink, the wallet, the cheerleaders, etc. I believe most of them understand that a WOW member is pretty independent (as motorcyclists need to be); proven by the fact that our support members referred to us as “Queens,” indeed royalty, on several occasions this past weekend. They understand the importance of WOW members to do their own thing, but are there to support whatever the plans are and help make things go smoothly, which in fact makes our rides more successful as a group.

In the beginning, I thought Women On Wheels® meant that only women could be members. I have since learned otherwise. Not that all husbands, significant others, etc. want to be a member, but some may not be aware that they are more than welcome in WOW. You might find that your chapter would enjoy having support members along on occasion.

As we work on growing our membership, don’t ignore the support membership also. In our chapters, we schedule occasional women-only rides, but all other rides are open to the support members and sometimes they come and sometimes not. They are treated like any other member, expected to have fun and enjoy what we all enjoy, the wind in our hair and the friendships that come with spending time together. Everyone wants to be part of something bigger than themselves.

If you do have participating support members in your chapter, remember to appreciate them. If you don’t, you may be missing out.


  1. As most of you are aware, the Wisconsin chapters play a dominoes game called Mexican Train. We found out our support members will only go so far… they played cards instead. But had a good time doing so.

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