The Two Wheels That Heal

The Two Wheels That Heal

By Brooke Schumann

“Don’t be afraid. Get out there and live life,” says Donna Schoenfeldt, a sixty-six year old woman from the Beaver Dam area. From her obsession with red boots to her contagious smile, it is hard to not be captivated by Donna’s optimistic spirit. Over the past ten years, she has experienced a life changing journey that all started on just two wheels.

“There is something about getting on a bike, feeling the wind through your hair, and that little bitty burst of power that heals us,” she reveals. When Donna is not working at Schumann Printers, Inc., she spends her spare time traveling all over the United States and parts of Europe with two different women’s organizations, Women On Wheels® and Stilettos On Steel®. Each group is dedicated to creating an interwoven community of strong, inspiring, and adventurous women with one thing in common: a love for motorcycles.

Donna hasn’t always been at the handle bars of these machines. Her ex-husband used to drive as she would navigate the winding roads ahead. Donna says, “I liked being the navigator. It was fun being able to direct where we needed to go.” After the purchase of a new bike, Donna’s desire to hit the open road was greater than ever. Unfortunately, her ex-husband didn’t share the same passion in taking rides anymore. Donna did not let this discourage her from her pursuit. At the time she exclaimed, “It’s fine. I will find someone else to ride with.”

As time went on, a turning point in Donna’s life was happening. She acquired a motorcycle license, divorced her husband, and met women that changed her life.

“After my sister-in-law told me about a women’s motorcycle organization (Women On Wheels®) she saw at the BMW Rally in Illinois, I got their information and gave them a call.” Donna got in contact with a member named, Sue Frish, from Fall River, WI. They met at a Culver’s, ate ice cream, talked about riding, and made an instant connection.

She immediately wanted to join the group, Women On Wheels®. Donna reflects, “I knew I needed the camaraderie of women and I thought this would be a good way to spread my wings and meet new people that had the same interests.”

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