Ride-In™ Readiness

Ride-In™ Readiness

It’s almost time to pack your bike and head to Johnson City, Tennessee, for our annual Ride-In™!

Are you ready? Is your bike? Reservations made? Route planned? I always get excited before a big trip as I look forward to the precious time with my riding friends. Meeting new people and exploring the area are always top on my list.

But it’s not my only list, so let me share some of the things I look for before I leave.

On my bike:

    Tire pressure
    Extra key
    Battery jumper
    Tire inflator
    Anything loose
    ID and insurance info

I’m sure you can add to it, but it’s my basic mental checklist anytime I’m about to hop on for a trip.

Before I go, I also make sure a couple people have my itinerary, and I make a hard copy of the numbers of the folks in my group (in case my phone breaks). I make sure someone has my work contacts in case I get delayed. I stash cash in a couple different places, and I clear my wallet of everything except my ID, one credit card, and my insurance card. I set up a special trip playlist and charge up my Sena bluetooth system.

All that’s left is for me to stop and take a moment to breathe. I think through what I’m about to do and I clear my head of distractions. I put the rest of my life down for a moment and remember how lucky I am to be one rider among so many amazing women. Kickstands Up!

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