Ride-In™ Events & Heading Home

Ride-In™ Events & Heading Home

It was exhausting but so much fun.  I really just didn’t have the time or the energy to post each night.  We all had to get up so early and then because you only see most of these people once a year, you don’t want to go to bed…you want to VISIT!  The names of members that signed the AMA waiver were counted and our final total was…drum roll please?  343!

Some statistics:

  1. 343 total attendees.
  2. 85 First time attendees (woohoo!)
  3. 2 attendees have been to all 30! (Double woohoo! and AMAZING!)
    1. Laurie Long and
    2. Nancy Motsinger (who has ridden her own to all of them!)
  4. Youngest rider was just 16 years old.
  5. I believe the youngest passenger was 10.
  6. Handed out several 20 and 30 year member pins!

People are standing at the door ready to run in as soon as the Registration Doors are open and that is EARLY but everyone wants to get the festivities started as soon as possible.  Most people arrive on Monday night so that they can be in registration bright and early the next day and with all the events planned and the historical places we could visit in Gettysburg, well, we were BIZZEEEEEE!

We had great vendors and informative speakers and enough door prizes for everyone and Linda L. made another quilt that everyone was oohing and ahhhing over and wanting to take home.  We crowned the 2nd Princess Frog at opening ceremonies for a year reign (thank you Donna P.) and she immediately started appointing her court.

Wednesday was just as busy as Tuesday with the day ending with BBQ/Games at the local HD picnic pavilion but it was actually hosted by a couple of Can-Am dealers.  The pork was dee-lish!  We had ghost stories back at the hotel and then of course a great game of domino.  I had a tag team of Karen B. and Pam R. and I think that we came in 2nd twice but couldn’t bring it home.

Thursday I had some down time so Dave and I decided to find an out of the way…not chain…hole in the wall sort of place to get some local fare.  We asked around and heard there were 2 crab houses close by.  It was a eenie-meanie-minie-mo kind of choice and we ended up at Rube’s.  The door opened in to the bar and though it was around 1:30. the bar was full of locals having a cold one.  They all turned to see who was walking in and I could have sworn that someone was going to call out “Norm!”  Instead they looked at 2 very hot and sweaty people wearing wacky mesh riding clothing and they quickly lost interest.  We were seated and I was able to get a fried soft shell crab sandwich…OH MAN!  Dave wanted a hamburger that wasn’t all foo-fooed out with just a regular bun and cooked without any strange seasoning.  He got it and we both got very hot homemade fries.  SO GOOD!

We had to get the group photo which always takes FOREVER and with humidity (or humuggy as I like to call it) at around 200%, we were all soaked by the time it was over and then we had decided to do group pictures of bikes/riders by manufacturers and well, by the end of that we were about ready to pass out.  I was amazed by the number of Can-Ams present.  I hope that Janis will be able to get all of these pictures in the magazine and if not, perhaps we can get them loaded here.

We had a lot of women riding Goldwings too.  I think I saw more in Gettysburg than I have seen before and we had several yellow ones which was extra special.  Of course Dave and I have yellow ones and we always park together.  Pam R. also has one and then there were others.  Somehow we all got parked next to each other and someone dubbed it the “Bee Hive.”  Hilarious!

IMG_20160630_162630 20160707_16400820160707_162520

Closing ceremonies started at 6 and by the end of the evening “Flat Rocky” was handed out to everyone to use for the 2017 Ride-In™ (great idea Janet & Carolee & Colorado RIn Committee) and the 2018 location was announced…Another Drum Roll Please………..Johnson City. Tennessee!

I am pretty sure that I finally got to my room around mid-night or a little after but we had to get up early, knowing that we were supposed to be running into storms.  We need to roll around 1200 miles in 3 days so we can get home before dark on Sunday but I am just so tired….Originally I told Dave that we were going to get up at 4 but we ended up getting up right before 5 (or at least I did) and we were on the road by 6:15.  Good grief.  Somehow we made it 350 miles.  I wanted to do 450 or 500 so we wouldn’t have it so hard the other 2 days but it was not meant to be.  We stopped a lot and checked radar and we decided that since there was a lot of RED in the radar, we should not press it and checked in at a Comfort Inn around Charleston, WV.

It is 6:47 p.m. EST and as soon as I finish this post, I’m want to go to sleep.  I have so many things on my mind that I don’t want to forget so I really do need to pull out my notes and create additional notes to elaborate on those notes pertaining to member suggestions; new dos and things that didn’t work so they are now a don’t; thank you cards I want to send and phone calls that I want to make and etc., etc., etc.

I think the rain threat has ended so tomorrow will need to be another busy day.


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