Reaching The Peek

Reaching The Peek

By Joanne Peek

September/October magazine article already; how can that be? I have just finished sorting through my collection of Ride-In shirts. This is an annual process for me and one I have to start early as I get hung up in selecting the right shirts to take. Then I get to reminiscing about past Ride-Ins, WOW family I saw, and new WOW family I met. You know how it goes. Before I know it, I have blown a day remembering and have nothing packed!

It also means we will have put the Johnson City Ride-Inin the books and will be gearing up for the 2019 Ride-In. As your President, I am very interested in your feedback regarding the changes made in the schedule and content of the Ride-In. The Ride-In Committee takes all suggestions to heart to make this event an incredible experience for all who attend.

We also encourage you to submit an article about your journey to the Ride-In. I know some members are still (beginning in July) on the road making wonderful memories. Since Johnson City is located smack in the middle of some of the most scenic riding known to woman (tee-hee), I can’t wait to check these out! Charlie and I left from the Ride-In on a one-month jaunt heading north (cooler we hope!) to visit family and friends. We will end up in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and visit Florida campground friends and our new Florida WOW member Kathleen White!

This issue has become one of my favorites because this year we have added the wonderful photos of WOW weeks celebrating IFRD! It is so exciting to see how our various chapters celebrated the weeks surrounding IFRD. The photos were pouring in this year, and I for one, cannot wait to see them! The creativity exhibited in the staging of the submitted photos and the perseverance in riding in unfavorable conditions for one picture is amazing. KUDOS to all of you who contribute to this!

The arrival of our magazine is a highpoint for me and I know it is for most members. I would encourage all members to contribute, be it via Who Oh Who or Where Oh Where. Of course, you can also contribute an article. ANYONE can do that! Look at me! I have to do an article for every magazine! If I can do it so can you! Just pick up a pen or sit down to a keyboard and do it!

Questions? Contact Janis. She will be more than happy to assist you.

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