Missing Something?

Missing Something?

YOU are our most important concern in our world of Women On Wheels®! We would like to remind you that in the event your membership should expire prior to your renewal, your magazine will not be delivered to you. Last issue we had several members who reported that their magazines did not get delivered. Upon very careful inspection, we discovered that for many of those members who did not receive a magazine, it was due to expired memberships. There were very few members who were up to date with their membership who did not receive their magazines. Our research revealed that several members “missed” the fact that their magazine was delivered in a plain, white envelope to save the cover, which was a commemorative issue of the Royal Gorge Bridge photo. We are truly sorry if you did not receive your magazine.

In order to avoid any interruption to the delivery of your magazine, please remember to renew your membership on time. When we send the mailing label list to our printer, we hold it for as long as possible to catch the latest renewals, but we cannot hold it beyond the deadline date or the entire magazine delivery will be late.

Keep in mind that your magazines are printed and mailed to you in January, March, May, July, September, and November. I’ve included the deadline and issue date chart for your convenience. If your membership renewal falls on the month of a deadline, and you miss your renewal, your magazine will not be delivered to you as the computer sees you as an expired member. We count the number of members and print out the member label list for the printer. We order very few extra magazines so that our costs will be kept to a minimum. Expired members run the risk of not receiving their magazines. The office may not have extras to send out and you could lose out on that particular magazine issue. We do NOT want that to happen to you!

You will receive an email notification the first week of the month your membership is up for renewal. If you do not renew, you will receive another email nonfiction that your membership is set to expire at the end of your renewal month. For those of you who do not use email, you should receive a letter through the USPS stating your membership is in its renewal month.

We have also created a nifty notification system that is printed on every magazine you receive. Take a look at your magazine label. Your membership number AND your expiration date are printed on the second line. So, should you miss the renewal notification by either email or USPS, the information is located on every magazine you receive.
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