Membership Milestones

Membership Milestones

Congratulations To Members Celebrating 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years Membership in WOW!

The membership milestones are celebrated for those members who have completed the milestones during the period January 2017 to June 2017.  Our loyal Members are recognized in Membership Milestones upon reaching 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and beyond membership years with WOW. The next time you see members who have reached one of their membership milestones, congratulate them and thank them for continuing their support for Women On Wheels®.

30 Year Members

Carol Brooke                                      CA
Kathy French                                      IA

25 Year Members

Annis Cassells                                     CA
Barbara Grueschow                            MN
Janet Vance                                         MD
Jean Osborne                                      IN
Jon Osborne (Support)                        IN
Lynn Pinkerton                                   MA

Robert Vance (Support)                      MD
Roberta Magnuson (GEMs)                WI
Timothy Vershure (Support)              GA

20 Year Members

Rebel Girl                                           MI
Cris Baldwin (GEMs)                       MO
Cynthia Newsome                              ID
Debbie Smith                                      OH
John Myott (Support)                         MN
Josephine Wheeler                              MN

Liz Fisher                                            IL
Leo’s Kawaskaki Sales South
(Dealer)                                               MN
Margaret(Peggy) Bowers                   OH
Sherry Wales                                      AK
Susan Spittle                                       PA

15 Year Members

Ann O’Neill                                        MN
Anna Felker                                        PA
Buffi LaDue                                        WA
Carla Quirk                                         IA
Christie Brown                                   MI
Cindy Pauli-Semenic                          WI

Clare Crowell                                     MA
Colleen Staton                                    GA
Consuelo Cannon                               WA
Diova Gray                                         CA
Elizabeth Hogan                                 NY
Elsie Schuss                                        PA

Gail Riley                                            MA
John Cannon (Support)                   WA
Kelly Mackinaw                                 MA
Linda Garcia                                       CA
Lisa Tierney                                        MA
Madella Shelton                                  CA

Nancy Myers                                      WV
Sandy Emery                                      IA
Sylvia Rivera                                      VA
Tammy Smith                                     LA
Wayne Gildea (Support)                     IA

10 Year Members

Barb Hoffner                                       MN
Brian Patin (Support)                         LA
Carolyn Keiser                                    OH
Catherine Wawrzyniak                       NY
Cheryl Stewart                                    OH
Christine Burman                               OH

Cynthia Harman-Jones                       MI
Daniel Jones (Support)                       MI
Debbie Phillips                                   OH
Denise Tomcufcik                              OH
Dennis Kirkpatrick (Support)           TX
Diann King                                         MI

Elizabeth Bishop                                 IL
Fritz Lang (Support)                           PA
Isolde Ross                                         CA
Jane Cross                                           MN
Joanna Hosteny                                   IL
Jovita Kloess                                       CO

Judith Michael                                    AZ
Judy Kinnaird                                     WV
Kevin Fountain (Support)                   MA
Kim Russell                                         FL
Laura Shaffer-Munson                       MN
Linda Edwards                                    MA

Lisa Hecker                                         MD
Lori Dutch                                          MA
Pam Blackmon                                   PA
Pamela Hill                                         MI
Phyllis Finder                                     MO
Sandra Dell                                         MD

Susan Fountain                                   MA
Theresa Strange                                  WA
Tim Daube (Support)                          MN
Travis Scott (Support)                        CO
Valerie Block                                      ID

5 Year Members

ABC Harley-Davidson (Dealer)         MI
Alison Rose                                        MD
Angela Weis                                       MO
Annette Stout                                      GA
Aron Bromaghin (Support)                MN
Carla Adamek                                     MN

Carol Jakubowski                               NY
Cathy Bissett                                       OH
Dianna Hill                                         MN
Donelson Cycles Inc (Dealer)            MO
Fleda Wright                                       ID
Fran Kammerer                                   CA

Garry Lyon (Support)                         IN
Gateway BMW Motorcycles
(Dealer)                                               MO
Jackie Smith                                       MO
Jane Peoples                                       WI
Jane Smith                                          MA

Janice Wayne                                      GA
Jeanne Lucas                                       MI
Karen Baetsen                                     WI
Karen Owsley                                      CO
Kathie Christ                                       IL
Kim Marshall                                      ID

Kristin Hall                                         AZ
Leslie Hammer                                   MD
Marijo Hain                                        MN
Mark Halfman (Support)                    WI
Martha Weslow                                  FL
Mary Swenson                                    MN

Maureen Corbett                                 MA
Melinda Crosley                                 GA
Michael Bennett (Support)                 CO
Moon Motorsports (Dealer)                MN
Pamela Lemke                                    MI
Patricia Crowe                                    GA

Patricia MacFarlane                            MA
Patti Ehm                                            WI
Peter Bagley (Support)                       MA
Robert Adamek (Support)                  MN
Roger Jacobson (Support)                  FL
Sharon Leasure                                     MD

Susan Wessinger                                 NC
Timothy Bowers (Support)                 OH
Timothy Watkins (Support)               MI
Tylashea Martinez (Child)                 CO
Victoria Wetherell                              AK
Zach Daube (Support)                        MN
Zylstra Harley-Davidson (Dealer)      IA