by Deana Foster

If you attended the Ride-In in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, you may recall me providing you information pertaining to our membership numbers dropping. If you didn’t attend, this may be a complete surprise as those numbers aren’t shared often. Well that is going to change. I want you to know where we stand each year so that you can understand how important it is for us to recruit and to renew! Listed below are our membership numbers by category for the past five years:

As you can see, we are losing members in almost every category each year. This is very sad and frustrating because I continue to hear over and over again how nationally the number of WOMEN riders continues to grow. What this tells me is that

  1.  our Advisory Committee has their work cut out for them to help us figure out how to fix this downward slide and
  2. we as members are not doing enough to recruit!

So this year, I am encouraging (asking and begging) you to recruit JUST ONE. Just One new member recruited in the Full membership category alone would bring our totals to 2901 which would be more members than we had back in January 2011. JUST ONE! That is all it would take.

Can you do it?


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