J.P.’s Primary Cover

J.P.’s Primary Cover

By Janis Perfetto

Greetings FRIENDS! First, as Deana wrote next door, we are saying adios to some of our long standing board members and hola to some new members, who I’m sure will be fabulous. I love and appreciate all of our BOT, but I have to say a special goodbye to Bert Magnuson. Bert has been my right hand for a long time (years!). She catches what I do not, as well as sends me lots of new information. She is my “go-to” person for whatever I might need for your magazine. She is awesome! I know she isn’t going very far, and she will be at our future Ride-Ins™ too, so I’ll still get to see her. I just want to take this opportunity to let her know how much I appreciate her and to say a great big huge WOW THANK YOU for everything.

My column is a tad bit different, as this year I plan to focus on issues that have an influence on our wonderful organization. Carolee touched on friendship and how meeting new friends is vital for the success of WOW. I was inspired by her challenge to reach out and meet new people. Sit with new friends at the Ride-In™ banquet, and then stay in touch! My best friends are friends I have met through WOW. One of my best friends isn’t a member and she doesn’t ride! I met her through a WOW member and we’ve been friends for around 16 years now!

I cannot imagine my life without Women On Wheels®. I know those of you who know me, will probably think what I am revealing here is absurd. You will claim, ‘No way!’ But here it is and it’s true. I am shy. I’m not kidding. I think I am what you might call an introverted extrovert. Or maybe I’m an extroverted introvert? You get the idea! Generally, if someone approaches me first, I will not hesitate to chat up an evening or grab a drink at the bar and close it down as we have done at every Ride-In™. I will wait for you to invite me to your Facebook page. I will wait for you to invite me to speak to you first. If you invite me to sit with you at the banquet, I will probably be delighted! But I have to sit near the front in order to photograph the evening. As I progress through life, I have realized that I should reach out to more people, especially my WOW family. I plan to take on Carolee’s challenge and embrace the new friends I will meet in Colorado Springs. I hope you will too.

As I was searching for some mermaid things (don’t judge!), I found a quote by Anais Nin, “I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” I loved this so much, that I looked her up to find out more about her. In doing so, I found another quote that fits our WOW family perfectly. “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” WOW!

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