J.P.’s Primary Cover

J.P.’s Primary Cover

By Janis Perfetto

WOW! What an awesome Ride-In! If you were there, I’m sure you agree with me! If you weren’t there, you missed the Women On Wheels® premiere event of the year! Next year, we are off to Casper, Wyoming! Go West young women (mature women too – not saying that other word!). Half the fun will be getting out West! Plan to take your time and see the sights! I am really looking forward to riding in our upper left-hand section!

What was your favorite part of the Ride-In? What added to your pleasure? Would you want to visit Johnson City, Tennessee again? And again? I would LOVE to be able to ride through there again! Unfortunately, I had to drive and was unable to ride due to an eye issue I was having. I have ridden through the area prior to the Ride-In, and I feel like I missed out on quite a bit. I have to thank my good friend Lisa Wildeisen who invited me to ride back pillion so I could at least get a bit of a ride!

Have you answered those questions yet? Your favorite part and what would have made the experience even more pleasurable? Maybe it was getting to see your friends and make new friends? I think we had awesome speakers and game night was pretty fantastic too! The rides originating right from our hotel were amazing! The hardest part of that was choosing which ones to do first. All in all, the location for this year was one of the best features we could have hoped and dreamed for! My thoughts for some of the best things about this Ride-In go to those who put our premiere event together and how hard they work. If our volunteers weren’t so fabulous, neither would our Ride-In be so awesome! Our Ride-In Committee works ALL year-long to create an event worthy of our membership. They put in some serious hours, hard work, and go the extra mile so we can show up and enjoy the fruits of their labor. They plan the speakers, the vendors, and create a jam-packed schedule so we can be educated, informed, and entertained. I love them!

Have you thought about volunteering for our fabulous organization? I promise it will be hard work! But the rewards for your labor will be the most satisfying, most fulfilling, and most wonderful rewards you will ever be able to reap. The satisfaction you will experience is knowing that your efforts will help continue this fabulous female motorcycle enthusiast organization for years to come. Our daughters and granddaughters need WOW too! So, if you answered seeing your friends as one of the best parts of every Ride-In, I’m sure you will want to continue seeing your friends and making new friends for many years to come. Even if you are not in the vicinity of the next Ride-In, there are ways you can help. Have you ever helped at registration? It’s actually a lot of fun! You get to meet all kinds of new people while you are helping to get members registered and freeing up time for the Board and Ride-In Committee to work on other things. That’s just one example. Reach out to the Ride-In Committee for Casper and see how you can help.

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