J.P.’s Primary Cover

J.P.’s Primary Cover

By Janis Perfetto

Greetings! Before we jump into a little bit of info about riding through Colorado, I need to point out a few important details in this issue. The long awaited Mileage Contest Results begin on page 12. We certainly do make a dent in miles traveled by motorcycle! Congratulations to all who reached a Milestone in WOW Membership, see page 21. Jill Dunphy does it again with a fabulous article about keeping the human side of the ride in check, and doesn’t she make the most awesome cover girl! And tucked away into all kinds of goodness, like a box of chocolate, is this issue’s When Oh When from the September/October 2001 issue. I chose this particular article because it has some info about riding through Colorado. It’s actually quite timely as some of you might also be riding through Utah too. Check out the travel chart’s listing of a motel for $39! Also, be sure to see the cumulative mileage awards for some of our current members and the Participating Dealers who are still supporting us!

This is the final issue most of you will receive prior to heading out to Colorado Springs. It’s such an exciting time for all of us! Colorado is one of the most beautiful of the lower 48 states, and it’s one of my top three favorite states to ride. On my way home from the San Jose Ride-In™, I spent a week or so just rambling around Colorado. There’s so very much to see and so many bikers’ choice roads to ride that is going to be impossible to see the whole shebang in one trip! If you haven’t ridden in Colorado, you are in for a treat! I will tell you not to miss the Million Dollar Highway! It’s really not as scary as its reputation, but as with any highway by motorcycle, just be on your A game. Although some of the road is carved into the mountains, and the hairpin turns are what we crave, there are others on the road and some in RVs, so please exercise extreme caution. It is a thoroughly modern-designed road with mostly beautiful wide lanes, and good pavement.

If you are traveling through the southwest quadrant of Colorado, as it’s a must do, there’s a very cool hotel you won’t want to miss. I had so much fun there! It’s kind of out in the middle of nowhere, but fun all the same, and quite possibly on your way – to wherever you are going. The Best Western Movie Manor is located in Monte Vista, just under 200 miles (southwest) from Colorado Springs and about 200 miles (southeast) from the exhilarating Million Dollar Highway, marking it as about halfway between Colorado Springs and the Million Dollar Highway. Here’s where this hotel is very different from any other hotel you will ever experience – the hotel is centered around a drive-in movie theater! Most of the rooms are situated around the big screen with an excellent view of the screen. With gigantic glass plate windows, you can actually relax in your bed and watch a movie at the drive-in! The sound box is located on the wall near the bed, so all you have to do is turn up the sound, kick back, and after a long day of scenic riding, enjoy the movie! No car window required, for those who remember drive-ins. I can’t promise that you will be watching one of your favorites (I saw Cars 2), but you can call ahead or check online to see the movie schedule for your stay. There’s a great little restaurant next door where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and it’s within a very short walking distance across the parking lot. All of the rooms are named after movie stars (I stayed in the Robert De Niro) and the entranceway has a resemblance to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre with the names of Hollywood stars. P.S. don’t count on authenticity here, just fun. I also can’t say I’d give this place a 5–star rating, but it IS fun and clean! Beware, the hotel maidens are out in force prior to the 11:00 AM check out time. So if you are a late riser, hang your privacy sign.

Either to the Million Dollar Highway or from the Million Dollar Highway, you can route this as stop for a night. Nearby, you can also see Great Sand Dunes National Park and experience the National Wildlife Refuge, the world’s largest carnivore sanctuary with more than 450 rescued lions, tigers, bears, wolves and other large carnivores living and roaming freely on 720 acres. See the website for specific details. http://www.wildanimalsanctuary.org.

From the hotel, I took Hwy 160 west toward Durango to meet Hwy 550 north, AKA, the Million Dollar Highway. It is one of the most breathtaking rides you will ever experience! You will ride through the San Juan National Forest, Silverton, and Ouray, and if desired, you can detour over to the famous Telluride, where the stars go to ski. Please do your due diligence if you plan to ride off the main drags. You will want to give yourself plenty of time as you plan your trip. There are beautiful vistas that will lure you to the plenty of available spots along the route to stop and gaze and photograph.

How this highway got its name is the stuff that makes for legends. According to www.boxcanyonouray.com, it depends upon who you ask. Maybe it’s because it cost a million dollars to build, or maybe it’s because the fill dirt used to build the highway contains over a million dollars’ worth of gold ore. Another legend has it that a lady who was traveling the road during the winter stated that she would not drive that road again in the winter for a million dollars! Who really knows? Just be assured that it will be your favorite road in the entire country once you experience it!

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