From the Heart

From the Heart

By Connie “TLCRN” Zimmer

I am having the privilege and the heart break of assisting some dear friends in the aftermath of a multiple motorcycle accident involving a fatality, the details of which are summarized below. I’m writing this to share what I consider some important observations and to reinforce some advice that I’m sure we’ve all heard many times, and that I’ll certainly be considering more strongly than ever!

The first piece of advice is safety gear: helmet, jacket, good pants and over the ankle boots. Although my friend in the hospital has bruises EVERYWHERE, the wearing of his full safety gear has certainly paid off in the avoidance of what could have been a LOT more pain and exposure to infection in the form of road rash.

The second piece of advice is speed: Had these three riders’ speed exceeded the limit, there may well have been a second and third fatality.

Now for some observations:

  1. There was one lower trunk locked- it was the only one that did not lose its contents in the crash. I believe had all trunks been locked, there might have been a greater chance of the contents being saved. It was pretty amazing to me how far belongings were scattered and lost.
  2. Due to the bikes and contents being held for the investigation, we were not able to go through the gathered contents immediately, causing a delay in the immediate filing of one claim. I recommend keeping multiple copies of your motorcycle insurance card/info, for example, in your wallet/purse and in one or two places on your bike (see observation #1).
  3. Florida may not have the best laws regarding liability, so please get the best coverage you can afford, whatever state you live in. You may also want to consider travel and air rescue insurance when traveling to get you flown/transported back home, in case you’re injured out of state.
  4. Beware of unscrupulous people and adjusters from other insurance companies trying to obtain statements from you post-injury. Consider speaking only to trusted family and friends, law enforcement, and your insurance company; get an attorney if you are unsure of these matters.
  5. IF YOU ARE INJURED, you have friends! We are out here and happy to assist. Please let us know what we can do, as we know you would do the same for us!

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