Day 3 & More

Day 3 & More

Ok yeah…I’m sorry but in my defense I did say that I would TRY to post every day. Notice I put heavy emphasis on the word “TRY!”

Day 3 included riding to the Hearst Castle and doing a gazillion stairs to tour the UPSTAIRS (which is the actual name of the tour we paid for) and then a gazillion steps to walk the garden. All I can say is that I had no idea when I booked the tour that I would be so engrossed, so amazed, so entranced with the story, the history and the unbelievable architectural talent of Julia Morgan…I only wish that I could have taken all of the tours so that I could viewed every nook and cranny. I was happy that the park service is fixing all the leaks in the pool but it was a disappointment that I couldn’t see it filled with water and in all of its glory. I would have loved to try to visualize myself during the period doing a few laps. I would also love to return and do the evening tour to see people reenacting life their in period garb.


After the tour, several of us rolled down to a nice restaurant right on the coast. You could sit and have a great meal why watching the waves crashing up on the beach. I don’t believe I have every had such a nice meal in such a beautiful place. The rest of the day included a little shopping in the town of Cambria. 20160515_154452I found the cutest frog that I couldn’t pass up but we really went in preparation for the “Happy Hour” in which everyone was to bring an offering of goodies and socializing. There was quite a spread and I don’t think anyone left hungry.

On Monday, Pam, June and I got up early to make the trip back to Mountain View to return the bikes and then on to Sacramento to prepare for an early morning flight out on today. Originally we had thought we might travel further down south to San Luis Obispo but after talking to several Sacramento people about traffic, etc. we decided to only go south a bit to a highway that crossed over to the 101 so that we could hit it back early and hopefully keep ourselves from riding in gridlock.

The crossover highway was 46 and it ran away from the coast through a short mountain range to highway 101. The temperature was in the 50s and there was a low hanging fog. As we were climbing the mountains, the fog was caressing the hills in such a way that I felt like I was in another world. Then I rode into a sea of wineries and row after row and mile after mile of grape vines. It would have been so wonderful to have been able to stop and take wine tastings all along the way but of course wine and riding a motorcycle just don’t roll together. There was only 22 miles or so between the amazing coast line and the highway that would take us home…I found it too short and wish that I could have spent another few days riding the 1…maybe someday I can return.

The 101 is just a 4 lane highway to speed you through a very large state. I did manage to see some beautiful and interesting things…like the fields which are golden; the fields of grapevines that in some areas cover so many acres that at one point I wondered how many bottles of wine could possibly be produced in one season; the oil fields and the bell you see every couple of miles (El Camino Real.)

Even though TripAdvisor told us not to, we had to stop at the Garlic Shoppe and yes, we did purchase garlic and cherries in Gilroy…I mean who wouldn’t want to stop in the Garlic Capital of the United States. I did taste testing of Pickled Garlic and Garlic Salsa and Garlic Mustard and Garlic Barbecue Sauce but just could’t try the Garlic Ice Cream. I’m sorry but that just isn’t right. Then we nabbed some fresh cherries and almost made ourselves sick. Back on the bike we made it to the rental office with an hour or more to spare. It was rather sad to be removing all of my gear from the wing…I just wanted to stay a few days more but work is calling…and so is my husband!

20160516_114313 (1)

The drive back to Sacramento was HORRIBLE but I didn’t expect anything else. There were so many “slow downs” that I thought we would never arrive at the hotel and by the time we did, I was exhausted. Knowing that I had to be up at 3:30 the next morning, I didn’t last long. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out. Of course this morning I woke up first at 1:30 then again at 3:05 and of course you don’t want to try to go back to sleep for less than 30 minutes so I just got up and started the process of traveling home.

So how was it? AMAZING! If I had a bucket list I am sure that I would be marking this off…or maybe I would just be highlighting it with a marker and putting a huge smiley face and star next to it to remind myself that I must do it again. Maybe next time I will be at a point in my life where I can start at the top and go all the way to the bottom.

I have to thank Pam and June for being such wonderful traveling buddies. You two were just great and I loved all the memories we just made. I can’t wait to go through all the pictures and laugh yet again at the crazy things we just did and the cool thing we just saw. I also want to thank all the California and Idaho Women On Wheel(R) members that attended the Spring Fling. You guys really know how to throw a great riding event.

Where will the Croozapalooza be next year? I have no idea but maybe we can put our minds together and come up with something fun.

Ride On!



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May 20, 2016 at 3:45 pm

Fabulous, fabulous time meeting all of you!! So glad to have met you Deana and of course June and Pam. I will most certainly look you up when I’m out your direction. Looking forward to the next adventure and to your next blog entry. Thanks again to the California gals. I know what it an undertaking it is putting something like that on.

Deby Clover
Idaho Gems Chapter Director


May 17, 2016 at 7:06 pm

Deana-thanks for coming out to California and joining the Croozapoolza in Cambria! I want to give a shout out to the Gold Coast Riders and Tammy for all the great work and organization! The Orange County Spirit Riders had 3 participants last year. They had so much fun that 9 of us came up this year! It was an awesome time!!
Louise Callus-Woolsey
OCSR Chapter Director

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