Crossing Kentucky

Crossing Kentucky

Guess what…as tired as I was last night, I didn’t sleep worth a darn.  I couldn’t stop thinking about all the great, good, bad and ugly things from the R-I (that is short for Ride-In™ which hereinafter I will use in place of the full word for simplicity sake.)  As usual, I woke up around 1 then 2 then 3 then 5 (yep, slept a little bit) then again right before my alarm was to go off at 6.  Perfect.

We landed last night at a Comfort Inn and I must say it must be the nicest one I have ever seen with a great staff.  There was an outside pool and a bar/restaurant and our room was VERY CLEAN!  Dave and I were so tired that we popped a bag of popcorn and ate it with some peanut butter crackers and about 3 little bags of potato chips.  Side note…there is a reason your mom told you not to eat in bed and I can tell you that popcorn and peanut butter cracker crumbs do not make good bed mates.  I fell asleep at 9:30 (which was a lot later than I thought I would last) binging on several shows of Swap Meet Flip or something like that.

So we ate breakfast (eggs looked and tasted like eggs, coffee was GREAT and FREE and STRONG) and afterwards we proceeded to pack our bikes.  Though we had parked under the front awning, someone had either sat or punched our Hillbilly Trailer and crunched the lid in so Dave had to take a hammer out to pound it back.  Next I failed to zip all the zippers on my backpack so when I hefted it off my shoulder to heft it into the trunk, my laptap fell out and hit first my big toe on my left foot and then the pavement and I just stood there with a “Well, that just killed that” look on my face while praying that my backup was current.  When I picked it up, I saw the screen side on the right side was split open so I tried to snap it back and I wondered what kind of laptop I should purchase to replace it.  Needless to say for the first 30 minutes of the ride I was questioning should I go Apple or not and how would I ever deal with the current version of OneNote (because I like an older version.)

It was a pleasant riding day.  We sort of did a reverse of what we did to get out to PA but left out all the missed turns and the Land Between The Lakes because today was super slab all the way.  Of course the genteel Kentuckians call their super slabs “Parkways” which is ever so much more genteel and to some degree it seemed as if the drivers were being overly polite and I think I saw a true southern belle wave a white hankie as I passed.

We have to be home tomorrow (Sunday) because I just know that my rabbits and chickens and dogs miss me and that the zucchini are 2 feet long while the cucumbers are multiplying like rabbits.  Mom was taking care of the house last week and she swore that she wasn’t seeing that many cucumbers but I know what I left so I am betting that her eye sight isn’t as good as it used to be.

450 miles a day used to be nothing but today it was something.  Dave and I are getting older and 450 is now a stretch.  We have on a couple of occasions rode as much as 750 miles in one day but the last time I swear I lost the feeling in my left gluteus maximus (yes I had to look up how to spell that and found it on Wikipedia so there is the link) for about a month so I could never do an Iron Butt and you better not ask me.  As he is 10 years older than me, he was in some real pain and it was stop now or he might just fall over (something about his sciatica) so yeah, we are 335 miles away from home and cucumbers and dogs and my very favorite mattress and pillows.

More tomorrow…after I get to those pillows.

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