Croozapalooza – The Night Before & Day One

Croozapalooza – The Night Before & Day One

I had one of those nights where I was pretty sure I DID sleep but I felt like I was awake the whole night…Tossing and turning and worrying and fretting.  Will I hear the alarm (set for 4:30 a.m.)?  Will I have any car trouble or delays on the way to the airport?  Will I miss my flight?  If I make my flight, will my helmet fit in the overhead?  Will someone steal my nice riding boots out of my checked bag?

I finally shut my brain down from travel woes and moved onto fears of riding an unfamiliar rental bike.  Last week when I rode, my right turns were awful…Ok, not all of them just some very tight ones in Arkansas on hilly, off camber roads…what if I freeze up?  What if I freak out?  What if I…god forbid…drop the bike?  Oh, WAIT!  I’m paying the extra expensive, highest insurance price the rental company charges JUST IN CASE I DO!…Chill OUT already!!!!

Somewhere between freaking out about travel and freaking out about bike rentals, I fell (maybe?) asleep…then I woke up at 4:05 about 25 minutes before my alarm and headed for the airport arriving without car trouble and even managed to get a good parking space.  Friday the 13th be DAMNED!

Still a little freaked out about my boots, I decided to pack one in my checked bag and carry one on.  (Follow me here…who would steal just 1 boot?) The TSA agent did look at me a little funny as he scanned my helmet (which I am carrying in a pink reusable shopping bag) and one boot.

The helmet did NOT fit in the overhead.

I made it to Dallas and when I Ianded a lot of texts came in from Pam and June, both of them hopping the same flight out of Atlanta.  Pam had received a call from Delta last night at 10 that her original flight out of Knoxville was going to be late (how do they know that already) and she would miss her connection in Atlanta which would cause a huge bugaboo for all of us if it happened so she spent two hours on the phone rearranging everything and ended up driving to Nashville this morning.

The Nashville flight ended up being late so she was certain she was still going to miss her Atlanta connection and June was flying standby so she had no idea if she was going to make it or not.  Frenzied texts continued to fly as Pam landed and did the OJ through the airport trying to find gate A27 while June calmly sat by.  Pam somehow missed June sitting there and boarded and June thought that Pam was not going to make it but then June was assigned a seat and great sighs of relief were released by all of us as we prepared to take off and June realizes that Pam is seated.

I used points to fly first class so I just watched a free movie and ate a decent breakfast and am considering a nap.  Though I have no way of knowing for sure, I am certain Pam is already asleep and June is probably snoring. 

Sacramento airport is big but small. I made it before the others and with bags I picked up the rental car and headed to the free wait lot. Shortly thereafter Pam and June land and I pick them up at baggage claim to start the adventure. First stop is the nearest In and Out for a burger..I’m not a fan but whatever… and of course the mustard/lettuce/thousand island spooge hits my clothing.

After many wrong turns and U-turns we make it to our bike rental place in Mountain View and started the very long process of signing documents, reviewing bike instrumentation and transferring caged bagged clothing to bike bags.  We were tired, hot and sweaty and they wanted us to show them that we could do a U-turn around their building before we left and I was all NO FREAKING WAY…Once around the building and we are gone.

Did we make it to the hotel with ease..NO. Did we make it to the hotel?  YES…eventually and we have had dinner and are ready for bed and then the adventure begins in earnest whenever we wake up tomorrow.

Cambria, ready or not, here we come.

~ Deana



May 13, 2016 at 9:31 pm

You go girl, wish I were along for the ride…


May 13, 2016 at 9:12 pm

I am having a great time so far and am looking forward seeing what comes next. Pam

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