Croozapalooza 2016 Day 2

Croozapalooza 2016 Day 2

You make a plan and almost immediately it goes to hell in a handbasket. Plan…leave hotel by 7:00 a.m.  Reality…must eat breakfast because lunch won’t happen until 2ish but breakfast isn’t offered until 7:00 a.m.   Plan…leave hotel and with assistance of GPS, ride down Highway 1 to Cambria.  Reality…GPS is not programed as planned and we ride from hotel back to bike rental location which we don’t realize is happening until we are directly in front of the rental place and then…DANG IT!…we are now an hour behind schedule.

I had a riding buddy once that called everything a memory maker…good or bad.  Today…Memories were made, my friends, memories that will not be forgotten any time soon…unless dementia sets in sooner rather than later.  (Note to self…label your photos with dates and locations.)

As you will recall I am riding a Goldwing that has not been altered from its stock form so it has a seat height of at least 29.1 inches and I am a shorty wearing boots with platforms hidden inside that may hide the fact that I am short but they don’t hide the fact that I have a hard time with handling a monster bike at slow speed.  This being the case I made my riding companions promise that we would not ride into anything that would make me do a U-turn or gravel or sand or off-camber parking that would cause me to have an “unfortunate incident.”  Translation…me dropping the bike.

So the first hourish of the ride is all high speed interstate and yeah, I’m good with that.  Hang to the left in what they call the HOV and what I call a slice of heaven and ride at the speed you like which for the three of us was FAST.  Then we finally make it to the 1 and the speed decreases but the thrill increases.

For all of you in the midwest it is like riding the curves and swerves in Southwest Missouri or Arkansas but visualize an Ocean on your right the whole way…and today the ocean was the bluest of blue and the weather!  Oh my goodness the temperature was what I consider perfect.  I kept hitting the INFO button on the wing and it consistently said 66 degrees.  

We pulled over so many times to take pictures that I thought we would never make it to Cambria.  We pulled over for oceans and trees and sand and vistas and otters and elephants seals and lunch and gas and flowers and shots of our bikes high above the ocean and to pee and just because we were where we were and we might not be there again for many years to come.  I rode like I was cocked eyed…with my right eye taking in all things that were blue and fresh and spraying up into the air and my left eye was glued to the road and curves and signs that said…FALLING ROCK…then I would see these big rocks that had fallen and I would think Holy Crap that sucker could have hit me!  

Pam said something that made handling this monster bike and this day the best ever…she said “It isn’t about anyone’s riding skills, it is about having fun and helping each other.”  Ok, that may not have been her exact words but it is what I remember and we did all help each other…OK…I’ll be honest, they all helped me.  At one point I was all like OH HELL NO I cannot do that and if you want this big bike over there in the sandy parking lot you have to put it there and you know what?  They did it for me.  I love Pam and June and the fact that we know our limitations and we didn’t judge because it really is all about us being together and experiencing it together and…oh crap…now I am just being mushy.  Moving on…

Do you remember that movie called Groundhog’s Day where the day’s sequence of events happens over and over again?  If I could have one of those days, I would want it to be this one…with the addition of my husband because I know he would have loved it too.

Then we arrive at the Cambria Palms…which I kept calling in my head the Cambria ARMS…I don’t know why.  I was a little apprehensive.  Would these west coast WOWser women accept us middle of the country WOWsers?  Would it be easy or hard?  Would they think we were nutjobs?  Good news everyone!  We all liked each other…the conversation was easy…it was fun…and we are ALL nutjobs to some degree.  There was a firepit with pizza, salads, gifts and one of my favorites…wine.

The day starts tomorrow with a breakfast ride at 7:30…Yeah, I am NOT going to make that because I am scheduled for the Hearst Castle tour at 10.  Whewwww!  

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May 15, 2016 at 2:08 pm

Nice report. Safe travels to you all, and yes, the GCR ladies can be nutjobs (we call them ‘free spirits’ on the west coast I think), but they are also some of the best friends you can make.

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