Mythical Unicorns & Mermaids

Back at the beginning of October, I received an email from a WOW friend inviting me to join her and a few others on a ride down in Arkansas.  It wasn’t far from my home, just 150 miles, and she thought I might enjoy riding with the group.  I wasn’t certain I could attend because   Read the full article >>>

Don’t Judge Me By The Size or Color of My Motorcycle

We have a lot of strange things happening in our country right now.  I’m not going to make any kind of political statement but I do want to encourage all of our powerful, wonderful members to reach out to others in support of diversity.  Reach out and support others with your love and your passion   Read the full article >>>

Cutworms & Dupuytren’s Contracture

We made it home Sunday by 2:00ish and the first thing I did was go look for cutworms on my tomatoes.  I’M SORRY!  I should have checked the dogs and the chickens and the rabbits and I did acknowledge them, I really did, but I just knew cutworms were killing my tomatoes so I ran   Read the full article >>>

Crossing Kentucky

Guess what…as tired as I was last night, I didn’t sleep worth a darn.  I couldn’t stop thinking about all the great, good, bad and ugly things from the R-I (that is short for Ride-In™ which hereinafter I will use in place of the full word for simplicity sake.)  As usual, I woke up around 1   Read the full article >>>

Ride-In™ Events & Heading Home

It was exhausting but so much fun.  I really just didn’t have the time or the energy to post each night.  We all had to get up so early and then because you only see most of these people once a year, you don’t want to go to bed…you want to VISIT!  The names of   Read the full article >>>

Setup Day

Today was the day of setup.  The PA chapters and coordinators did an amazing job and the Board pitched in as well.  I didn’t do much.  I folded some t-shirts and pointed a lot.  I also took complaints and helped coordinate a bike pickup for someone with bike issues.  I do whatever the important coordinators   Read the full article >>>

Road to the Ride-In(tm) Day 4

Day 4 – We only had around 230 miles to ride today so we decided to sleep in.  I didn’t sleep that well because of all the Ride-In™ To-Do items that were spinning around in my head so when the alarm went off at 6:30 it wasn’t a surprise as I had been staring at   Read the full article >>>

Road to the Ride-In(tm) Day 3

Oh man am I tired.  We rode for more than 10 hours today and I would say 7 of the 10 was on twisty, technical roads that required your full attention.  I was in HEAVEN! It wasn’t necessarily intentional.  Before we left MO I told the husbs that I wanted to ride around in West   Read the full article >>>

Road to the Ride-In ™ Days 1 & 2

It was my intention to blog all the days I traveled to the Ride-In™ but of course the first night out our “home-grown” little hotel didn’t have internet access and I barely had a cell signal so I couldn’t set up a hotspot either.  I was in technology hell but vacation heaven!  Late as I   Read the full article >>>

Day 3 & More

Ok yeah…I’m sorry but in my defense I did say that I would TRY to post every day. Notice I put heavy emphasis on the word “TRY!” Day 3 included riding to the Hearst Castle and doing a gazillion stairs to tour the UPSTAIRS (which is the actual name of the tour we paid for)   Read the full article >>>