Reaching The Peek

By Joanne Peek Writing an article in mid-February for the May/June magazine can be disconcerting. While I know many of you are still shoveling snow, there are many of us getting our bikes ready for weekend rides. For those of us who either live year-round in temperate climates or spend the winters in one, we   Read the full article >>>

Items of Interest Mar/Apr 2018

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When Oh When

7 Degrees of Separation Take a walk down memory lane with our discovery article from November/December 2010, by Mj Allen. See page 20…

Oh! The Sights You’ll See!

By Carolee Langer Have you started planning your route to the 2018 Ride-In™? Do you like finding weird touristy stops and crazy photo-ops along the way? Things like the world’s largest pistachio nut, or Doc Holiday’s grave? Maybe you would like to visit an exact replica of the Parthenon or the Evil Knievel Museum! How   Read the full article >>>

You Are Cordially Invited!

A few short years ago, the monthly meetings of my chapter, Cool Lady Cruisers, started to revolve around the “next Ride-In™”. I didn’t know what that meant or why everyone smiled when they spoke of it. Who’s going? When are you starting? Are you camping or staying in the hotel? Are you going to the   Read the full article >>>

Missing Something?

YOU are our most important concern in our world of Women On Wheels®! We would like to remind you that in the event your membership should expire prior to your renewal, your magazine will not be delivered to you. Last issue we had several members who reported that their magazines did not get delivered. Upon   Read the full article >>>


By Amy Nordahl Many of you may have seen this on Facebook. Many of you know me personally, some of you may have seen my bike at a Ride-In™ and wondered about the painting, others may have no idea who I am or anything about my bike. Well, I am a long time Woman on   Read the full article >>>

Women On Wheels® International Female Ride Day/WOW Weeks May 5-19, 2018

Women On Wheels® Weeks will take place in conjunction with International Female Ride Day. No matter what part of the planet you call home, you are encouraged to ride on IFRD, and during WOW Power Weeks to show the world that motorcycling is for women! This is not a contest, but a time to enjoy   Read the full article >>>

Welcome Home! New Members To Our WOW Family

State Name Date Joined AK Shirley Schonenbach 12/6/2017 AZ Enid Bernard 11/28/2017 CO Chris Hibbitts 12/6/2017 IL Stephanie Wakulich 11/9/2017 MA Jeanine McLaughlin 11/25/2017 MD Imani Sims 11/22/2017 MI Heidi Nagel 11/9/2017 MN Kendra Ogdon 11/16/2017 NC Jennifer Creasey 12/16/2017 NC Donna Hartley 12/15/2017 NC Dalicia Hunter 11/12/2017 NC Lucinda Mains 11/18/2017 NC Christine Rock   Read the full article >>>

Silicone Wristbands ~ Special Merchandise Offered for 2018 Ride-In™

For distribution at this year’s 32nd International Women On Wheels® Ride-In™, will be a blue silicone wristband with the words “WOMEN ON WHEELS®” and Ride.Discover.WOW™” circling the outside of the band. Available for pre-order only through May 6, 2018, with your Ride-In™ Registration, orders will be accepted both with online and mail-in Ride-In™ Registrations. All   Read the full article >>>