You asked, we listened! Women On Wheels® has struggled with merchandise for many years. Historically, we have not done a great job of predicting the trends in merchandise that members might want to buy. As a result WOW ended up with too much merchandise on the shelves that gathered dust nicely, but eventually had to be written off.

WOW is now using Cafepress, probably the best known Print on Demand Service, to offer merchandise to our members. WOW makes little to no profit on Cafe Press items we sell. Cafepress allows us to provide a wider scope of WOW merchandise to our members without the financial downside to the organization. In addition to the two Winter Design Contest logos from late 2015, there are baby items for our youngest members, fur baby items, glassware, stationery and other items.

Browsing and purchasing is easy; just go to http:\\ Order fulfillment is typically very speedy and return policies are great!

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