Between You and Me

Between You and Me

By Deana Foster
It’s December 31, and I’m sitting on the sofa with a horrible cold. It is really hard to think ahead to March and April, when this article will roll out, but I have a job to do and do it I shall…in between blowing my nose and coughing, that is. Please forgive me if this article rambles. I’m on so much cold medicine that I feel a little spacey.

We have so much to do and such little time. Why is it that when you are anticipating leaving on a vacation of some kind (think Ride-In™ 2017 in Colorado Springs, Colorado) the days and weeks slowly pass? Sometimes I find myself sitting and starring at the clock just counting the minutes and it is all so very agonizing. Then there are other times that time just flies, like the period between our quarterly board meetings…reports are due…agendas to be created…etc. etc. and it seems that I just finished my last reports yesterday! ARGHHHH! My article is due tomorrow and I have writer’s block. I guess in an attempt to break the block, I will tell you about a few changes we are making; an opportunity being provided and excitement in the air.
Changes: Beginning in 2017, we will start posting the minutes from the board meetings on our website behind your Member Login. This will provide you an opportunity to stay current on what has happened, is happening and decisions being made. This decision was based on member feedback and Member’s Voice Suggestion which brings me to the next change.

Beginning this year, we will publish all Members’ Voice suggestions, with the Board’s response, in our magazine. This change will provide you with information as to what has been suggested, along with the response of the Board and how, if possible, the suggestion will be implemented. If you have ideas, we welcome them with open arms and we do the best we can to put them into action. The form is available on our website or you can send your ideas directly to any of the board members via email, snail mail or by giving us a call.

I’m excited to announce that our 2017 Board is now full with Liz Udvardi accepting a three (3) year appointment to the Board beginning in January. Thank you Liz for stepping up and joining us in our efforts to keep Women On Wheels® alive and well. We look forward to working with you.

Opportunities: With a lot of hard work by former board member and Past President Cris Baldwin, all or at least the majority of the original Wheeler Newsletters/Magazines were scanned to a location in the cloud we are calling the Women On Wheels® Archive. The Archive can be shared with those members requesting access to do research; for those members who are interested in our history; or for those members who are just interested in some good reading. This archive of newsletters/magazines is chock-full of interesting articles, fun facts, great pictures (most in black and white) and wonderful stories. If you are interested in receiving access, please contact either me or Laura Mitchell, our Secretary, and provide us with a valid email address. We will then provide you the necessary information for access and instructions on use.

We have three board positions open beginning in 2018. In 2016, we received no nominations so the Board located and appointed three members for three-year terms that began January 2017 (thank you again Carol, Joanne and Liz!) If you want to be involved with the organization during a very exciting time, please, please, PLEASE complete the nomination form and forward to the appropriate parties.
Excitement! We are celebrating 35 years as an organization and 31 years of WOWderful Ride-In™ fun in Colorado Springs, Colorado. If you have seen the Flat Rocky interaction, you may understand the minds of those planning it…wild and wacky! I know you will want to be a part of the celebration, so please register and get your room reservation. The hotel is really nice and the riding is going to be amazing!

The Rocky Mountains are not only going to provide us with amazing riding opportunities but also great memories that we can capture and share in the magazine. I can’t wait to get my magazine so that I can view all of the Flat Rocky sightings, the Where Oh Where locations. and now the Who Oh Who member profiles. Member participation has provided our magazine editor a plethora of content so be patient if you haven’t seen your submission yet. I’m sure it will be in an issue soon.

Sitting here sick, it is hard for me to think past the cold winter months to warm riding days, but I know that arrive they will and we can once again participate in all of our chapter/state/member riding adventures. Don’t forget to share your riding excitement with non-members so that we can continue to grow our organization and always, please ride safe.
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