Between You and Me

Between You and Me

By Deana Foster

What does it mean to be Thankful?’s definition: feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative.

Merriam-Webster: glad that something has happened or not happened, that something or someone exists, etc.

I like both definitions, but I really focused in on, “that something or someone exists…” I am so thankful that Women On Wheels® exists so that I may share my joy and passion of motorcycling with so many likeminded women and men. I am also so thankful that YOU exist and that YOU have reached out to me over the year to tell me your stories. In addition, I am thankful for all of the women who have taken time out of their lives to spend it working on keeping the organization of Women On Wheels® alive and well.

In January of each year, I have to say goodbye to a few of the women on the Board as they close out their terms. It isn’t easy and there are usually a lot of tears involved. I have gotten to know them so well and respect them so much that there are nights when I lie in my bed thinking about how much I am going to miss their input, their strength and their laughter. I am really going to miss Stacy Corsi from Texas; Roberta (Bert) Magnuson from Wisconsin, and Pam Rusk from Tennessee by way of Illinois.

Stacy was only on the Board for a year, but she made good use of her time helping on several committees. Her sense of humor had me rolling and kept me sane. I’ll never forget her “Yes Ma’am and No Ma’am.” She said it so often that I finally asked her to call me something other than “Ma’am,” which I can’t repeat here. HA! Stacy, your mama taught you well.

Bert has been with us for four and a half years and has held a variety of roles from Vice President and Secretary on the Executive Committee to just about every Liaison role we have available. She is a “never say no” sort of person and also one very good Ride-In™ Coordinator. I like to call her SARGE!

Pam Rusk has held a single role over her six years on the Board. Pam has been our Treasurer from the very first year and she used her previous work experiences to tackle our books as well as being a Ride-In™ Coordinator and more recently our Technology Liaison. Honestly, I don’t know how she managed to do it all, but she has done an amazing job and we will miss her greatly.

To all three I say… it is time to enjoy yourself and to take a long, slow, ride without having to think about whether your Board reports are finished. You should be able to come to the Ride-In™ next year and just sit back and watch everyone else run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

2017 starts out with new members on the Board. Carol Skala is joining us from Illinois, Joanne Peek from Tennessee, and Liz Udvardi from North Carolina. These three ladies volunteered for the Board and were appointed, and I can’t thank them enough for stepping up when they were already so busy in their personal lives. We have an amazing group of women that will be working hard this year to make Women On Wheels® the best women’s motorcycle organization in the US.

Our 2017 Executive Committee was voted in by the Board at our October, 2016 meeting as follows:

President: Deana Foster, MO
Vice President: Joanne Peek, TN
Secretary: Laura Mitchell, GA
Treasurer: Jane Santos, MA

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