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Reaching The Peek

By Joanne Peek September/October magazine article already; how can that be? I have just finished sorting through my collection of Ride-In™ shirts. This is an annual process for me and one I have to start early as I get hung up in selecting the right shirts to take. Then I get to reminiscing about past   Read the full article >>>

J.P.’s Primary Cover

By Janis Perfetto WOW! What an awesome Ride-In™! If you were there, I’m sure you agree with me! If you weren’t there, you missed the Women On Wheels® premiere event of the year! Next year, we are off to Casper, Wyoming! Go West young women (mature women too – not saying that other word!). Half   Read the full article >>>

Proposed By-Law Change!

Comments will be considered through October 20, 2018. The following changes to the By-Laws for Women On Wheels® have been proposed as shown for Article IV. Board of Trustees, Section 2. Election, Term of Office and Term Limits to add a new paragraph 2.3 as follows: 2.3       Members of the same family; significant others and/or   Read the full article >>>

Sharing the WOW Love!

By Jodi Kilsdonk and Karen Baetsen Wisconsin WOW chapters, Dairyland Originals and N.E.W. Foxy Riders, often attend ladies night, spring or fall open houses, and customer appreciation days of our state’s WOW Participating Dealer Program (PDP) partner dealers. It’s a great opportunity to mingle, share our passion, encourage newer riders, share travel  tips,  hand out   Read the full article >>>

Atlanta Peach State Riders

By Carol Waters Atlanta Peach State Riders was founded 31 years ago and has a rich history. If you had the time at the Ride-In™, I hope you got to listen to Cathy Davies’ adventures “Riding Around the World.” Also, I hope sometime you get to hear Marilyn Vershure, Laura Mitchell, Billy Jean King, Lois   Read the full article >>>

Tires Ain’t Pretty

By Janis Perfetto Years ago when I was growing up, a tire commercial in my area was quite popular and their tagline was, Tires Ain’t Pretty. They were trying to get the message through that even though tires are quite ugly, smelly, and not pretty, you still needed to spend some money on them. Tires   Read the full article >>>

Women On Wheels® International Female Ride Day/WOW Weeks May 5-19, 2018

This year, Women On Wheels® Weeks took place in conjunction with International Female Ride Day. No matter what part of the planet you called home, you were encouraged to ride on IFRD, and during WOW Power Weeks show the world that motorcycling is for women! You took that challenge and proved what we have known   Read the full article >>>

ATTENTION! We want your Ride-In™ Stories and Photos!

Now accepting submissions for your RIDE-IN™ articles! We want your stories, no matter how short or long, and we want your photos too! Please consider sharing your experiences to be included in our special Ride-In™ issue, which is the November/December issue. We are also accepting your Who Oh Who, Where Oh Where, Flat Bandit sightings,   Read the full article >>>

Welcome Home! New Members To Our WOW Family

State   Name                                      Date Joined AK      Jordan Baez                            6/6/2018 AK      Olympia Durbin                      6/29/2018 AK      Heather Hutchinson                5/3/2018 ID        Rachel Mauden                       6/12/2018 IL        Debora Morrissey                   5/1/2018 KS       Andy Inzerillo                        5/29/2018 MA      Michael Pace                          5/8/2018 MA      Paula Peters                            6/23/2018 MD      Cheryl Merritt                        6/24/2018 MI       Jenny Shockey                        5/1/2018 MN      Sandy Adriaens                      6/3/2018 MN      Denise Branch                        6/21/2018 MN        Read the full article >>>

International Female Ride Photos

Our 2018 International Female Ride Photos are now published under Members > IFRD Photos check them out.