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Women On Wheels® is a not for profit, international, family-oriented organization founded in 1982 that serves to unite all female motorcycle enthusiasts while promoting a positive image of the motorcycling lifestyle. Whether you’re a rider or passenger; a novice or expert rider, women of all ages and skill levels, and all motorcycle and scooter types are welcome. Male, female, and child support members are also valued members of the WOW family. If you enjoy riding, socializing, laughing, learning, supporting, sharing and friendship then Women On Wheels® is right for you.


WOW members are riders in their teens, in their eighties, and every age in between! WOW’s focus is on the members and the lifestyle of motorcycling, rather than on the make of machine. WOW members enjoy every make and model of motorcycle imaginable — it’s not what we ride that’s important, but rather the fact that we enjoy riding to begin with!

We’re for beginners and veterans; we’re for people from all walks of life; we’re for motorcycle commuters, racers, tourers, etc.

Women On Wheels® is a family-oriented organization and encourages family members to become involved through our support membership for spouses/significant others and our child membership for future riders.

Often we feel like one big family ourselves. And when one of us is called back home, “we all” feel it.


WOW members experience the fun and excitement of riding together, supporting each other, socializing, sharing adventures, and helping special charities — all while projecting a brighter image of motorcycling.

In fact, promoting a positive image of motorcyclists to the non-motorcycling public is a top priority. Women On Wheels® was awarded the Hazel Kolb Brighter Image Award in 1993, by the American Motorcyclist Association — an honor we’re all especially proud of!

It’s about … riding … laughing … eating … friends … learning … supporting and helping one another … participating with chapters … fun … fund raising for  worthwhile projects … growing … sharing …

WOW also aims to meet the following goals:

  1. Assist the motorcycling community and the public at large in becoming aware that women are serious motorcyclists and deserve recognition as such.
  2. Encourage further developments within the motorcycle industry to meet women’s needs for equipment, clothing and accessories.
  3. Make available information on safe riding techniques, and encourage participation in motorcycle safety courses.
  4. Promote a positive image of motorcyclists, and of women as motorcyclists, through educating the news media and the general public, thereby challenging the untrue stereotypes that are commonly presented.
  5. Enhance the sheer enjoyment of motorcycling, and encourage women by showing them they have limitless potential and can accomplish any goal or dream.


Once you become a member of Women On Wheels®, you can affiliate with a chapter near you or remain unaffiliated, plus enjoy WOW through the magazine, the Ride-In™ (annual international event), the web site and social media — whatever suits you!

You are welcome to participate with as many local chapters as you choose. There are currently over 50 chapters across the country. They are listed by state under Chapters > Directory.


The many benefits to WOW membership include the following:

Camaraderie, networking and support of women who love the sport


Join Us!