2018 Ride-In™ Self-Guided Rides

2018 Ride-In™ Self-Guided Rides

By Annette Stout

To get a jump on your 2018 Ride-In experience, visit the www.womenonwheels.org Ride-In menu for the Ride-In Self-Guided rides that are available now for you to view and start planning.

With the assistance of TNVACATION.com, Women On Wheels® has adopted their SOUTHERN DOZEN.com rides originating from our venue location, Holiday Inn Johnson City, as our self-guided rides for the 2018 International Women On Wheels® Ride-In.

On the WOW website, you will find brief descriptions of the rides and numerous links allowing you to visit the SOUTHERN DOZEN site, download and print ride maps with directions, and download GPS routes formatted for Garmin (gpx format).

We hope you will enjoy experiencing what Tennessee has to offer while traveling the routes of the SOUTHERN DOZEN.

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