You Are Cordially Invited!

You Are Cordially Invited!

A few short years ago, the monthly meetings of my chapter, Cool Lady Cruisers, started to revolve around the “next Ride-In™”. I didn’t know what that meant or why everyone smiled when they spoke of it. Who’s going? When are you starting? Are you camping or staying in the hotel? Are you going to the banquet? Are you going on the Support Member Ride?

It was like a foreign language! I’d never been to any sort of motorcycle gathering, and could only conjure pictures I’d seen of what I imagined was thousands of Harleys parked on the streets of downtown Sturgis. Too scary for this newbie! I feared the crowd, the noise, and my scant ability to park my bike in the space of two cars, let alone back it into a narrow spot amongst other bikes! And I rode a Burgman 650 – were scooters even allowed at motorcycle gatherings? I didn’t know!

Over the next few months, my chapter members helped me understand that a Ride-In™ is more like a family reunion of riders from all over the country, who rode pretty much just like our group: all kinds of bikes in all kinds of ways. They kept being cheerful and inviting. I kept being scared, but I’d started to get curious. I finally compromised with my fear: I’d register and make a final decision as it got closer.

As you may have guessed, I decided to attend my first Ride-In™. It was in Greenville, South Carolina, and I’ve been to three others since then. Each time, I’ve been glad I went and came home richer in relationships and adventures. It truly is like a family reunion. I’ve met new members and get time to sit and share the year’s trials and travels with folks I’ve met before.

The warmth and welcome are like nothing I’ve ever experienced in motorcycling. Something special happens when you put courageous women together year after year. It’s like making a quilt of memories that gives me a sense of home and history. I see the women who came before me, who’ve kept Women On Wheels® inclusive of all lady riders. Women who’ve ridden for decades before it became popular, and keep the flag held high in today’s changing times.

So, if you’re wondering if YOU should come to your first Ride-In™, or if it’s time for you to give it another try, please know that you’ll be among your own. You can set your own pace, ride your own ride, and make the Ride-In™ an experience special for yourself and your Chapter.

Johnson City, Tennessee is a beautiful town located in the heart of The Southern Dozen scenic and historic rides, and they’ve worked hard with the Ride-In™ Committee to give you a special time. There will be riders who’ve attended for decades, and people who are brand new. Be like me and try it. Be like me and try it again. I’ll be there with a smile on my face and ready to share time with my people, even the ones I haven’t met yet!
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