Reaching The Peek

Reaching The Peek

By Joanne Peek

I have been waiting patiently for the November/December issue as I knew what I’d be writing about – our 2018 Ride-In! Gosh, what a great time. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did. You couldn’t ask for more challenging and picturesque roads. And the company! Friends from years gone by,new friends, and over 80 newbies! And the onsite registrations – holy mackerel! We had the largest attendance in many, many years! Thanks to everyone for being part of our party!

After everything was loaded up and last-minute hugs given, we headed north to Roanoke for our first night of a one-month trip to Canada. From Roanoke we headed to Haymarket, Virginia, just outside of Washington DC, to see my nephew and his wife (who both ride). We took all back roads for this trip, which reminds me of what a beautiful country we live in. Virginia was certainly no disappointment. From Virginia we headed to Wellsville New York (the western part of the state) to visit Charlie’s son, wife, and granddaughter. We hit our first rain on this leg, but we were able to ride out of it in 30 minutes.

As they were working, we took day trips to some beautiful places. The most impressive being Letchworth State Park. The waterfalls were incredible! True to form we managed to locate the local ice cream shop in Wellsville and stopped daily after our ride for a treat. Almond Amaretto Kahlua was my fav! From Wellsville, it was north and east to the Thousand Islands crossing into Canada. We were met at the border by our friends who winter with us in Florida. They live just outside Kingston, Ontario, on an incredible lake. We spent five glorious days with them. Also got to visit with one of our newer members Kathleen White, who lives nearby and who also winters with us. It was pouring on the morning we left, so since they live on back roads that had just been re-graveled the day prior, I was not a happy camper. We left despite my displeasure and headed to our next stop in Windsor, Ontario. We finally rode out of the rain after an hour and a half. Thank God.We spent the night at a halfway point and continued to Windsor the following day. As we approached our exit a VERY large black cloud appeared. We were fortunately able to dodge that storm and pulled into our friends’ condo as the rain started. We spent two delightful days with them exploring Windsor and the Detroit river area.

Our crossing back into the US was without a hitch. We then braved the interstate in Detroit on our way to Fenton to visit friends. Many of our Florida friends live in the Fenton area so we spent the next two days visiting with them. We hit the road for our last stop in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. The beautiful farmland scenery, complete with barns and silos just like the toy farm I had as a child, reminded me of why I love traveling on the bike.

We started our last two days of travel in a drizzle. You know the drill, you don’t want the adventure to end but know you have to go home. We had two days of intermittent rain and wind while on the interstate (yuk). And yes, some really crazy cagers. I was a basket case by the time we pulled into our drive. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything.

NOW! Tis time to pull out the maps and start planning for next year. Your Ride-In Committee is already hard at work for another great event in Casper, Wyoming. Hope to see you there!

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