Guest Speakers

Women On Wheels® is proud to announce the guest speakers/presenters at our 31st International Ride-In™

Guest Speakers

Barb Manka

Your “WOW Colorado” Ride-In™ Team is proud to introduce one of our scheduled guest speakers, Barb Manka. “Mrs. Barb” as we affectionately call her, is a member of the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame, a 19 year member of Women On Wheels®, former Colorado State Ambassador, AMA award recipient and is considered by many as “Colorado Motorcycle Royalty”. Barb started riding at age 14, and was given her first motorcycle at 16, a 1948 Sunbeam 500cc. She and her Indian-riding wild-hearted biker boyfriend, Jerry, ran off and got married when she was 17 and the two have been on hundreds of riding adventures ever since. One of Barb’s claims to fame is she was the first FEMALE motorcycle dealer in Colorado, receiving her dealership license in 1962 and starting a Yamaha dealership with her husband in Pueblo, CO. She has been fortunate enough to ride in all 50 States and Canada. She has earned several awards for her contributions to the motorcycling community. She received a National Award from Yamaha for their ‘Learn to Ride’ program, for teaching over 400 young women and men how to ride motorcycles. She most recently won the 2015 Uncle Bud Yates Memorial Award for being voted the most active biker in Southern Colorado. She rode the Al-Can highway from Colorado Springs to Alaska (on her own bike) at age 64. At age 73, she and her husband rode their bikes 10,000+ miles from Colorado to Prince Edward Island and back. She has helped form and is a member of several motorcycle clubs and groups nation and state-wide and is a very active member of the Mountain Shadow Riders Chapter. She has organized or helped organize hundreds of charity motorcycle rides across the state. If a biker group is raising money for a good cause, you can bet Mrs. Barb is helping in some way. In 2016 she organized the Colorado/Pikes Peak stop for the 2016 Sisters Centennial Motorcycle Ride that crossed the United States. Mrs. Barb turned 80 years old this week, still rides her Can-Am Spyder and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon! We hope you will join us as we enjoy some of Mrs. Barb’s grand adventures in her 66 years of motorcycle riding!

Leslie Larson

Please allow me to introduce Leslie Larson, Rider Coach from MTA. — A little about Leslie – “I grew up in a biker family, riding dirt bikes and even as a passenger any chance I got. After joining the Army and traveling all over the world, I made my goal to own my own Harley by the age of 30. When deployed to Iraq, I ordered my first bike, a 2004 Harley Davidson Custom Sportster. I had no endorsement or credentials and was ordered by Chain of Command to complete a Motorcycle Safety Course as soon as possible. I got into the first available class and was asked by the Rider Coaches if I’d be interested in teaching. I have been a Rider Coach and riding the same bike for 13 years. I am currently a Rider Coach, Driver Coach, Third Party Tester, and Office Manager for Motorcycle Training Academy.” —–Leslie will be giving a presentation on “FACTORS, TRAPS & ESCAPES”
The Factors-Traps-Escapes (FTE) Program includes the “Rider Perception Fact Sheet” and real world scenarios in a slide format to improve perception. This content can help to illustrate key points from experiences on the routes. Factors are identified using the 4 Search Categories: Traffic Controls & Roadway Features, Highway Users, Surface Conditions and Escape Paths. MTA will also have an informational booth and will have the SmartTrainer simulator available for participants! About the SMART Trainer: The revolutionary new SMART Trainer is one of the most engaging instructional tools ever offered to the rider training community. It combines a computer and cutting-edge safety-training software with a handlebar, seat, footrests and all the standard controls found on a real motorcycle, to provide hazard awareness and response training. Stop by the MTA booth and test your skills!!

Patti Bogan


“Not your average little old Lady”
Patti Bogan is a born-and-raised fourth generation Alaskan. When she was born 70 years ago, Alaska was still a territory.
Her first motorcycles in the 60s were two Hondas and a Suzuki 150. She wrecked all of them and decided motorcycle riding was not for her. She started riding again in 1991, as the result of meeting a biker guy, who is still her guy.
Bogan currently owns and rides three Harley-Davidsons. But not all three at the same time, haha, or even two at the same time … Think Ben Hur with two chariots of raging, racing horses. Not her.
Over the past 26 years she has accumulated nearly 600,000 miles that are registered with the national Harley Owners Group and 500,000 that are registered with Women on Wheels. Bogan has been a Women On Wheels first-place mileage contest award recipient 11 times in the past 12 years. She was second place the other year, in 2005.
She hopes to tell you where she came from as a rider … From the beginning, to ending up on an obsessive motorcycle journey starting when she was in her 40s to where she is now, with loads of miles  and the title, “Queen of the Effin’ Universe.”  Patti looks forward to sharing her adventures on two wheels with her WOW family!

Dean Petersen

Dean Petersen How about a FREE Self-Defense class at the Ride-In™!!!!
Please allow me to introduce my good friend and certified Self-Defense instructor Dean Petersen!
Dean started Krav Maga in 2001 after separating from active duty Army service and became an instructor earning his A, B and C level certification through the Krav Maga World Wide organization in Los Angeles. He has since continued to earn additional instructor certifications with the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), which is the original source of Krav Maga throughout the world. Along with several years of teaching Krav Maga classes, he has also trained Law Enforcement, Special Operations Military units and battered women.
West Side Krav Maga is an International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) affiliated school located in Colorado Springs that is committed to providing the best self-defense training available today. Their mission is to teach real world self-defense using a tactical system focused on preparing you mentally and physically to deal with real life threats. Their goal is to enable you to defend yourself and your loved ones through awareness, avoidance and, if necessary, neutralizing a threat.
Dean is also a motorcycle enthusiast and enjoys riding through the Colorado twisties on his 2013 HD Street Glide.
No pre-registration is necessary – just wear comfy clothes/shoes, no jewelry please and bring a water bottle. He guarantees we will learn a lot and have FUN at the same time! Class time and Locations TBD (Check the final Schedule of Events for details)

Dave Foster

Dave Foster, an ASE Master Mechanic, has 46 years of experience in auto and bike repair. Now retired, Dave has been married to his amazingly beautiful and wonderful wife Deana for 20 years (guess who wrote this bio!!!!) He has ridden a variety of motorcycles over his 65 years and, in his free time, is a Fireworks Operator developing and shooting shows in Missouri, Kansas and in Bimini, Bahamas. He will be teaching a class on basic motorcycle maintenance, do a little ‘wrenching’ and sharing a few funny adventure stories while he is at it. If you enjoy Learning and Laughing at this same time – this is your class!

Sue Frish

Carolee Langer

Sue Frish has been a member of Women On Wheels® since 1985. When attending the first Ride-In™ in Marion, IL, had not yet met any WOW members. The positive experience of meeting WOW members led to becoming more involved and working into being co-director of the Dairyland Originals chapter when it was chartered. Helped facilitate the 1991 Ride-In™ then served on the Board for 7 years prior to WOW becoming member owned, then 3 years on BOT at beginning of member owned organization.
Her career involved working in computer department with final position as manager of the computer training for a multi-plant dairy cooperative in Wisconsin.
She has accumulated over 200,000 miles on two wheels and ridden in all 50 states. Currently volunteers on the WOW Website team, helping to maintain the website, helping users with logon issues as well as creating and sending the monthly membership lists to the chapter directors and state ambassadors.
Sue will be sharing the updated WOW website and offering guidance on how to get around in the WOW website and the WOW-Members only area.  There will also be a demo on WOW MOTOS for those wishing to enter mileage for the Annual Mileage Contest or the Personal Mileage Program.
Carolee Langer has been a member of WOW since 2004. She is a member of the Colorado Springs Chapter of Women On Wheels® – Mountain Shadow Riders, but currently resides in Alabama. She is currently volunteering on the WOW Board of Trustees, 2017 Ride-In Committee, WOW Webteam and WOW Facebook administrator. She has previously served as CD-SA Coordinator, State Ambassador, Chapter Director, Asst. Chapter Director and Secretary.
During the day she is a Software Configuration Management Engineer and is a self proclaimed Facebook junkie by night. She hopes to provide information about Facebook for WOW users so they can navigate around this social media outlet with ease. This will be helpful for chapters wanting to start their own Facebook group or page and for members wanting to join the WOW Facebook group and answer general questions about Facebook.
On the weekends, Carolee enjoys riding her Victory Kingpin 1500 on the back country roads in Alabama. She decided to have her mid-life crisis a few years ago and purchased a Ducati SS1000 and luckily hasn’t been ticketed for speeding (yet).  An opportunity to invest in her “ride-tirement” came up and she recently purchased her Dad’s 2004 Honda Goldwing Trike. So now when it is nice weather, it’s Decisions, Decisions, Decisions in the garage. Who gets to go for a scoot today?? She jokes with her friends and says “Some girls buy shoes – I buy bikes”
Both Sue and Carolee look forward to providing information to those interested and making our little “I.T. Class” entertaining as well as educational.
 Tamela Rich Tamela Rich I first met Tamela Rich at Conga IV in Shell, Wyoming in 2011.  Conga was organized to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
At the time, Tamela had taken the proverbial “bull by the horns” and headed out on what was to be her 1st cross country adventure by motorcycle. Tamela photographed and interviewed many cancer survivors in Wyoming and became an accidental advocate for cancer research and support. Tamela published her first book, Live Full Throttle in 2011.
I was immediately struck by Tamela’s energy and grace. I also thought it was pretty ballsy to set off across country by motorcycle with very little time in the saddle, but courage is a quality Tamela certainly doesn’t lack. Tamela has continued her adventures by motorcycle and hosts numerous motorcycling events and tours. In 2016 Tamela, and many members of Women On Wheels® toured Italy by Motorcycle:
Italy by Motorcycle: What to expect? Italians love motorcycles almost as much as they love pasta and olive oil! Okay, maybe more. If you’ve ever considered riding in Italy – or would like to share your experience – this session’s for you. After a brief overview of Rome, Siena and Orvieto, we’ll talk about what to expect from traffic, food and culture. Plenty of photos and time for Q&A.
Join us for a terrific presentation. You will not be disappointed!
Website: Social: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Cris Baldwin

Pam Rusk

Janet Lennox

Dr. Brad Gulla

After the Accident Panel
Imagine you are out riding one day, and you are involved in a serious motorcycle accident You lived though the accident, but more than likely you have one or more serious injuries.
How do you deal with the aftermath of a serious accident? Three panelists who lived through serious motorcycle accidents hope to provide answers to your questions in the After the Accident Panel on July 6, 2017 between 2:30 and 4:00 pm.
Cris Baldwin, former president of Women On Wheels®, with over 45 years of riding experience and over 750,000 miles in the saddle, was injured on her way to a Ride-In™.
Pam Rusk was involved in an accident with 28 years motorcycling experience and over 150,000 miles under her belt.
Janet Lennox was a rider for over 14 1/2 years and over 150,000 miles when she was involved in an accident while on a solo ride in a neighboring state.
Please join us for a serious and informative perspective on motorcycle accidents and how your life can be affected after the accident.
Dr. Brad Gulla, president of The Concussion Place in Colorado Springs, Colorado, joins the After the Accident Panel to discuss the symptoms and outcomes of concussions. Motorcycle riders are at a higher risk of head injuries when involved in an accident. It is not always easy to know if someone has a concussion. You don’t have to pass out (lose consciousness) to have a concussion. Symptoms of a concussion range from mild to severe and can last for hours, days, weeks, months, or even years. Some of these symptoms may appear right away, while others may not be noticed for days or months after the injury, or until the person starts resuming their everyday life and more demands are placed upon them.

 Carol Scala

Carol Skala is giving a class on Twitter and Instagram (Social Media Apps). Carol is a suburban mom (and current Women On Wheels® Board of Trustee) who has learned most of her social media skills from her teenage daughters. She tries to keep family and friends updated on her motorcycle travels using Facebook and Instagram. As a member of the NorthEast Illinois Red Hawk Rider chapter of Women On Wheels she has posted photos of their adventures together. The photos & stories of the annual “Chocolate Ride” and “Scarecrows & Witches Ride” are especially fun to share! She believes that through sharing WOW’s stories using social media that others will be enticed to investigate Women On Wheels.
Dee Gagnon

Dee Gagnon, WOW member #4695, author and adventure rider. As you can see by that number Dee has been with WOW for a very long time. (Since the early 90’s) In 1995 Dee quit her jobs, packed her 500 cc “Red Pony” with a tent and sleeping bag and for three and a half months traveled secondary highways all over USA visiting many National and State Parks without an itinerary, computer, GPS or even a cell phone! Her book “DeeTours; One Woman, One Hundred Days, One Unforgettable Adventure” was published in 2000 followed by two whirlwind national book tours in ’01 and ’02, also 100 days in duration while riding her “Red Pony.” In all her travels she was welcomed by many WOW members and chapters and will be at the 2017 Ride-In™ hoping to meet many more members and reconnect with old friends. She plans to tell stories and answer questions about solo adventure riding and traveling on a shoe-string budget. Dee will also have a limited amount of books available for purchase during her presentation.
Fernando Padilla, Jr.

Fernando Padilla, Jr. – Master Artist/Sculptor/Wire Wrap Jeweler
Who could have imagined one of the highest callings is creating vivid imagery through a lifelong passionate journey with various art forms? That’s what a personal discovery led Fernando to believe about himself, that being an artistic creator of the grace, beauty, and experiences of life embodies the very spiritual intimate lifestyle interwoven within him. He competes not with others but with each creative outcome; stretching to possibly attain the skills necessary to recreate vivid images and divinely inspired designs floating in a mosaic sea of endless ideas.
Lauren Patrin

Shana Slettedahl

Presenting Motorcycle Fitment & Ergo
Lauren Patrin
is a born motorcycle enthusiast. Raised in a family of motocross racers, Lauren raced motocross herself for many years. Her racing career came to a halt when she sold her bike to pursue her dreams to move to New York City. While in New York City, she achieved her doctorate degree in mechanical engineering. Missing the world of motorcycles, she returned to Minnesota to pursue a career developing motorcycles. She now works as a test engineer at Polaris Industries – testing everything from a single component to a full vehicle, Lauren ensures the products are continuously improving. Today, Lauren rides an Indian Springfield when she’s looking for a comfortable ride and an Indian Scout when she feels like zipping around town. She is also on the board of directors for the Northland 300 Special Olympics Snowmobile charity, an all-volunteer organization responsible for coordinating year-round fundraising efforts to support the Athletes of Special Olympics and to implement safe and responsible snowmobiling.Shana Slettedahl flexes her bachelor of science degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Minnesota by spending much of her time listening to motorcycles revving away in her acoustics chamber at Polaris Industries, the parent company for Indian and Victory motorcycles and the Polaris Slingshot. She works to enhance the sounds of power and performance and reduce any unwanted noise.  After two years in the sound chamber, Shana began reaching out to other employees at Polaris by founding the Women Leaders in PowerSports program. A Polaris-based program that is dedicated to increasing awareness and accelerating the growth of females in PowerSports leadership roles. When Shana is not “tuning up” motorcycle sound quality in the Polaris sound chamber, she enjoys her time as an avid motorcyclist and snowmobile enthusiast; taking a break only in the spring and fall to hunt and fish while the MN roads are clearing or waiting for snow. Motorcycling has become a big part of Shana’s personal time – from stretching throttle cables on Indian and Victory test motorcycles, to taking an Indian Chieftain to the top of Pikes Peak as part of the Sisters Centennial Ride last summer, to further improving her riding skills on her Ninja 250 track day bike and XR100R dirt bike. Never one to stop learning and gaining insights through experience, she is already planning for future long rides, performance riding training sessions while meeting enthusiastic riders around the US.